Hot-branding revisited

Just a quick note to say that for those that are interested I read a piece about the hot-branding of fighting stock on yesterday’s BBC world service version of From Our Own Correspondent. It gives a slightly different angle on the events I narrated in an earlier post on hot-branding.

Here’s the link to the radio piece, I believe I don’t come on until the second half:

As an added bonus, below are a couple of slightly blurry pictures of me learning to receive yearlings for branding. They don’t really convey the sheer stress of being shouted into the centre and then expected to handle a rambunctious young fighting cow with something approaching efficiency and care. Though I suppose if the calf can handle being restrained and hot-branded then the least I can do is learn to handle performing in public. I’ve misplaced the better photos of the day, but, in any case, I should probably save those photos for the book(s).


There’s something very reminiscent of a public schoolboy lining up for a rugby tackle in this photo. That is, lining up while fulling expecting to be bowled over like the puny 3rd year you were.


Then the moment when you have a hold of the little beast’s horns – ok you can come and help me now!

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